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Hello, I'm Dr. Patricia DeJoy.

I am committed to working with each patient to enhance overall wellness and achieve a healthier lifestyle. The techniques that I use are highly specific chiropractic adjusting methods which combine your complete health history with structural, orthopedic, and neurological indicators to identify patterns which interfere with health. Adjustments used are gentle and safe to your spine, head and other key areas intended to counter balance interference patterns. These techniques address and encompass many aspects of a person’s health profile.
Structural balancing is the core of chiropractic care. Gentle treatment incorporating postural alignment, healthy joint function, muscle balancing and nutritional needs are essential components of care at DeJoy Chiropractic. Emphasis is placed on recognizing the ability of our body to heal and maintain itself when given the proper care and attention. Additional services have been incorporated into our practice in order to more completely meet your health needs. We have found these services to be essential adjuncts in proper healing and health maintenance.
Visit DeJoy Chiropractic and take an important step toward living a longer, happier life!

Dr. Patricia DeJoy

Services Available at Our Office:

Chiropractic Therapy
Nutrition Response Testing SM
Cranial Therapy
Scar Tissue Release
Muscular Release Techniques
Organ Reflex Technique
Therapeutic Exercise Protocols
Ionic Footbath
Detoxification Programs
Weight Loss Programs

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Products and Testing Available:
Foot Leveler Custom Orthotics
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